Support for key stages of your business

Our experts are ready to support and advise you at every key stage of your business. Provence Savoies has developed a network of professional partners with a wide range of expertise including solicitors, tax lawyers, employment lawyers and banks…

Business projects

  • Creating your organisation
  • Business plan and help with raising funds
  • Legal aspects for business formation


  • Assistance with ISF declarations (impôt de solidarité sur la fortune)
  • Assistance for tax residents
  • Tax advice for non-residents


  • Assistance in the best legal status of managers from standpoint of social security payments and benefits
  • Optimisation of executive revenue
  • Transmission of assets

Studying of financial transactions

  • Support in the sale, acquisition, transfer of business assets and shares

Advice on business structure, management and performance

  • Financial analysis
  • Dashboard
  • Budget controls