The team

  • Mathieu Gautherie

    Current position

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  • Audrey Gautherie

    Current position

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  • 3 account managers: in charge of client portfolios managing employees, who are your points of contact for specialist services.
  • 5 accountants: responsible for the management and monitoring of client portfolios under the supervision of the account managers
  • Specialist in international issues: ensuring that issues from a international clients undergo the correct  administrative and financial procedures
  • Legal specialist: overseeing the legal requirements throughtout the life-cycle of your business and resolving any legal issues
  • Head of social law: new 2017, our specialist can assist you in the often complex requirements of the French social law regarding company employees.
  • Office Administrator: responsible for mailing, archiving and the collection of the accounting documents, assisting the whole team in their daily tasks.